Message from the Headteacher

I am glad to introduce the Namagunga Primary Boarding School website with our progress and plans. Namagunga is a great place to live. It is a growing and flourishing school, calm and quite.

It admits students from all over Uganda and other neighboring countries in East Africa. The pupils enjoy a clean, quiet environment, and excellent studying facilities with professionalism in all academic disciplines.

We strongly believe that with discipline and hard work we will always excel.

The Namagunga School strategies aim at sustaining and improving the quality of education. The vision is “TO PRODUCE A HOLISTIC CITIZEN THROUGH QUALITY EDUCATION.” We will go on working to get fair funding from the government and friends to let us realize our vision. And we will make sure we defend our priorities.

Education is crucial for our children. Our approach is based on two cardinal goals: standards and promoting parental involvement. Our drive for higher standards applies to all children particularly illuminating the future woman (Girl Child).

We expect education to give our children the best possible start in life and encourage them to love and continue learning.

The Girl Child must have our support. We are open to any new way of working that will provide more opportunities for the Girl Child. This is in line with our mission: “TO GIVE EQUITABLE EDUCATION FOR ALL WITH SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON THE GIRL CHILD.”

Some of the issues about which parents and teachers feel so strongly can only be dealt within partnership with other organizations.

This website should help us to collaborate closely with our stakeholders. We can only be really effective if all people and organization with a stake in Namagunga’s future share our goals and work with us.

I hope you will find time to visit our website and also give us feedback thus helping to make Namagunga Primary Boarding School a better place for our children.

SR. Assumpta Babirye